Spring Has Arrived

The SEPAC is excited to tell you about several things coming up in April.  Please see the link
above to make your nomination for this years recipient of the Excellence in Education
Award!!  Submissions are due back by April 15th.  Please see the attached form for

The SEPAC has 2 w
onderful events scheduled for April:

                                       Co-Sponsored with the Duxbury Free Library -
April 7, 2011 @ 7pm-9:30pm at the Duxbury Free Library ---
Marianne Leone, author of Knowing Jesse:                       
Mother’s Story of Grief, Grace and Everyday Bliss

                                       Ms. Leone will discuss her book .  Free tickets are required and
                                       will be available at the Children's desk beginning Thursday, March

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 from 12pm-2pm -- 3nd Annual Bog Ice Skating “Fun” Raiser
with the Boston Bruins.
 Bring your entire family to skate  and meet members of the
Bruins organization at the Bog in Kingston.  There will be plenty of fun
and raffles!  Skaters
of all levels are welcome.  Please bring your own skates
and hockey gear.  Helmets are
recommended.  Tickets are $5
per person.

Both events are
sponsored by the Duxbury SEPAC-Special Education Parent Advisory
Council, a positive and solutions oriented group of parents.  Together we work to offer the
community a broad range of events, information, contacts and networking opportunities.  We
have strived to plan educational presentations on a variety of relevant topics and family
focused events.  For additional info
rmation please contact Nancy O'Connor at 781-934-
5303 or Elizabeth Nightingale at
Duxbury Special Education
Parent Advisory Council